Don't make Internet Marketing as a Joke!

Just found this from a forum, I would like to thank for the first author of this, your joke rock my day.

    Internet Marketing Relationships

        -We just weren't the same match type.
        -She had too many negative keywords.
        -His crawler is faster than Google's. And not in the good way.
        -The awful ROI on the relationship led to contract termination.
        -The cost per acquisition on my account is too high. I'm going to give Yahoo Personals a try.
        -That girl has 500 error written all over her.
        -The title tag didn't match the site content. (The new version of the carpet doesn't match the drapes.)
        -Meta keyword stuffin isn't all she was doing with him.
        -You can try tweaking the algorithm, but some relationships weren't meant to be.
        -You're just not on page 1 for me.
        -I'm sorry, but there's no app to make me less repulsed by you.
        -That was someone I should not have clicked on.
        -He had more hidden text than an episode of Melrose Place.

    Internet Marketing Pick Up Lines

        -I did a Google image search for gorgeous with no advanced filters and your picture was the first result.
        -You make me want to optimize myself.
        -I don't want to Twitter, Facebook or email you. I want to CALL you.
        -I checked. The alt text for your picture is “hot damn!”
        -I know where you live. (Thanks Google maps.)
        -We should 301 redirect to my place.
        -We should 302 redirect to my place. (For one night stands only.)
        -I'd re-point my nameservers for you.
        -If I said I liked your Google Dance t-shirt, would you hold it against me?
        -I'd like to link to you.
        -If only there was a Google map to your heart.
        -Let's not fight it anymore. We belong together like Microhoo.
        -If content is king, consider me your queen.
        -I've got an algorithm that includes you, me, some Mountain Dew and an XBox


Internet Marketing via website or blog

Almost any people who once heard about internet marketing will get this idea in their head.  Internet marketing is about website, something like, Dell and Ebay.  But how many people know, there is lot of people make a good money from blogging such as or Website and blog both is the #1 medium in internet marketing.  There is plenty of reason for an internet marketer to start their marketing base especially from blog. Blogging is considered a potential tool in marketing because it has the capacity to draw immediate attention of readers. It does not create any direct selling pitch and that is why you are able to earn respect from readers. I would suggest you to creates one now but before you start, kindly check this out and grasp the bigger picture what would you expect from a website or blog.

The formula is so simple :  Visitors

Although internet marketing means for money, but don't you let money become your goal. To success in internet marketing, you should focus on your visitors, that is your ultimate goal. Many people got blinded by money and start creating a blog which no person will come again  for second time. It is totally waste of effort isn't it? So, where we start it? Start from your interest/passion and find your niche. I recommend grabbing a pen and piece of paper, and writing down twenty things which you think you have some knowledge about. Feel free to write down the first thing that comes to your mind.
 Then, go to three people who know you fairly well and ask them to allow you to be narcicistic for a few minutes. Family members, friends, associates... try to get with a variety of people you trust. Ask them to make a list of twenty areas of knowledge or passion that they have observed in you. Oftentimes, others who know us see things that we might not see.

Compare the lists and look for overlaps. Be open-minded. You might just find the niche that you can scratch. ;-)


Top Ten Reasons Facebook Sucks??

I want to refresh my mind and get another point of view for facebook marketing and internet marketing. Did blogwalk and find this article from quite interesting. Top ten reasons facebook sucks

1. It’s incredibly juvenile compared to other networks, yet I constantly see people using it for business reasons. Use unprofessional services, and that’s exactly how it makes you look. If you think it’s professional to “poke” your colleagues online, maybe you still belong chasing 10 year old boys around the schoolyard.

2. Facebook is a fad. Yes, a FAD!!! You couldn’t give a single legitimate argument to prove otherwise (and don’t try to feed me that crap line about social networking being around long enough to no longer be a fad… Facebook, a single company, doesn’t equate to “social networking”). People who waste their time chasing fads (especially in marketing) always get burned, wasting more time than they can justify in the long run.

3. Frankly, there are better ways to reach your target audience (unless you’re primarily targeting students – despite their changes, that’s still the primary userbase. If you’re targeting them, Facebook may be an alright tool for you. If you’re not, forget it.). If you’re not putting in the effort to find the best ways to reach your target audience, you’re not doing your job. In most cases, Facebook won’t even come close.

4. Facebook doesn’t even know who the hell they are, yet people are willing to put their professional identity even partly in their hands. Guess what. Their first model sucked. They’re toying with something new. Do you really want to invest a lot of time and effort into networking through a company who couldn’t even remain faithful to their own market? I sure as hell don’t.

5. PR professionals should know hype when they see it. Enough said on that front.

6. Most people I know who are on Facebook are on a variety of other social networks as well. Newsflash: most have no real added benefit. If you’re using Facebook as just one of several social networking sites, you have way too much time on your hands that would probably be better spent elsewhere.

7. The company has a history of not being terribly considerate of their users’ privacy. They may have privacy options available now, but do you really trust a company like that when it comes to your business? If you do, that’s great. Dense perhaps, but great.

8. The fact that they try to act like their own little virtual world is just annoying. Any site that forces you to register to really get a feel for it is just pathetic. It’s a simple marketing tactic on their end to rev up their member numbers (and supposed worth?) whether people actually use the site or not.

9. Speaking of their “value,” I’m sick of hearing about it. All the talk about whether or not they’d be sold and for how much is what started all of Facebook buzz in the first place (despite the fact that most of the newer die hard fans don’t even realize where the sudden mass interest came from).

10. Frankly, Facebook is so “been there done that.” They’re dated. They’re not “cool” anymore. The early adopters have come, gone, and moved onto better (and more useful) things, and what you have now is this overwhelming group of stale business-minded folks who still buy into the hype. Why? Because most people are too lazy to actually research a marketing / PR tactic before jumping on the bandwagon when it’s all everyone’s talking about. That’s the nature of being a fad. The only good thing about Facebook is the fact that fads die.

So how about it? Do leave me a comment.


How to make money online with Internet Marketing

Hi, here I come with my 3rd post. Thank you for coming to my blog. If you go through my blog from the very first post, I'm sure all of you just got familiar with HTML and another coding language. Give yourself a pat and here we are going. You just pass the first stage, now what it is exactly this internet marketing? What are we going to promote? What is their medium and how we do that?  Ok, I skip the definition of internet marketing because it is just a simple word and no need for further explanation. I start with what exactly we promote thru internet marketing. Actually there is a lot of product and you can divide it to tangible and intangible product.

Tangible :  
  1. Books
  2. Electronic gadjet
  3. Computer
  4. Cloth
  5. Flower
  6. Etc...
Intangible :
  1. Ebooks
  2. Online Training
  3. Website
  4. Design
  5. Online service
  6. Etc...
Just listed down several of them because you will find a lot of product been offered online.  Below is a diagram of internet marketing medium for ease the explanation.

Enough for today, I'll continue with explanation for all this medium in the next post. If you like this post please give it a digg or stumble and leave your comment.


First Stage in Internet Marketing

Ok, if there is one thing I would suggest to myself and all of you to learn for the first stage in internet marketing, it is the basic of HTML coding. I'm not suggesting that you need to be pro in html, but try to get the picture of how the code is working.  This thing alone can save you a lot of time and money.  Get familiar with the code and another coding such as CSS, XML and JavaScript will be much much easier for you. There is a good website which can give you a good explanation and tutorial for all of this coding language. Go to and give yourself a kickstart...


Welcome to Internet Marketing Info

Hi, welcome to my blog, info about internet marketing.  Regardless tons of other website which giving info about the same niche, I choose this niche because it is more thrilling doing the hard thing. I'm appreciate any comment and critic, because I'll learn alot from it. Do leave me comments and have a nice day!