Internet Marketing via website or blog

Almost any people who once heard about internet marketing will get this idea in their head.  Internet marketing is about website, something like, Dell and Ebay.  But how many people know, there is lot of people make a good money from blogging such as or Website and blog both is the #1 medium in internet marketing.  There is plenty of reason for an internet marketer to start their marketing base especially from blog. Blogging is considered a potential tool in marketing because it has the capacity to draw immediate attention of readers. It does not create any direct selling pitch and that is why you are able to earn respect from readers. I would suggest you to creates one now but before you start, kindly check this out and grasp the bigger picture what would you expect from a website or blog.

The formula is so simple :  Visitors

Although internet marketing means for money, but don't you let money become your goal. To success in internet marketing, you should focus on your visitors, that is your ultimate goal. Many people got blinded by money and start creating a blog which no person will come again  for second time. It is totally waste of effort isn't it? So, where we start it? Start from your interest/passion and find your niche. I recommend grabbing a pen and piece of paper, and writing down twenty things which you think you have some knowledge about. Feel free to write down the first thing that comes to your mind.
 Then, go to three people who know you fairly well and ask them to allow you to be narcicistic for a few minutes. Family members, friends, associates... try to get with a variety of people you trust. Ask them to make a list of twenty areas of knowledge or passion that they have observed in you. Oftentimes, others who know us see things that we might not see.

Compare the lists and look for overlaps. Be open-minded. You might just find the niche that you can scratch. ;-)


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