Don't make Internet Marketing as a Joke!

Just found this from a forum, I would like to thank for the first author of this, your joke rock my day.

    Internet Marketing Relationships

        -We just weren't the same match type.
        -She had too many negative keywords.
        -His crawler is faster than Google's. And not in the good way.
        -The awful ROI on the relationship led to contract termination.
        -The cost per acquisition on my account is too high. I'm going to give Yahoo Personals a try.
        -That girl has 500 error written all over her.
        -The title tag didn't match the site content. (The new version of the carpet doesn't match the drapes.)
        -Meta keyword stuffin isn't all she was doing with him.
        -You can try tweaking the algorithm, but some relationships weren't meant to be.
        -You're just not on page 1 for me.
        -I'm sorry, but there's no app to make me less repulsed by you.
        -That was someone I should not have clicked on.
        -He had more hidden text than an episode of Melrose Place.

    Internet Marketing Pick Up Lines

        -I did a Google image search for gorgeous with no advanced filters and your picture was the first result.
        -You make me want to optimize myself.
        -I don't want to Twitter, Facebook or email you. I want to CALL you.
        -I checked. The alt text for your picture is “hot damn!”
        -I know where you live. (Thanks Google maps.)
        -We should 301 redirect to my place.
        -We should 302 redirect to my place. (For one night stands only.)
        -I'd re-point my nameservers for you.
        -If I said I liked your Google Dance t-shirt, would you hold it against me?
        -I'd like to link to you.
        -If only there was a Google map to your heart.
        -Let's not fight it anymore. We belong together like Microhoo.
        -If content is king, consider me your queen.
        -I've got an algorithm that includes you, me, some Mountain Dew and an XBox

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